We are currently booked with students thru May 2018. We will be accepting students for Summer 2018.

We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise in the field of pediatric occupational therapy!  We give our students one of the best experiences possible in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere!  We treat our students just like our employees and involve them in every aspect of the day-to-day clinic operations.  Students leave our facility with many hours of varied clinical observations and interactions which will equip them with the skills needed to successfully apply to college programs and demonstrate the knowledge required to impress admissions programs and be ahead of the competition.  We provide strong letters of reference for those students who demonstrate excellent motivation, flexibility, interpersonal skills, and a drive to pursue to field of occupational therapy.  We dedicate ourselves to helping the future of our profession, and will make ourselves available to our students as they progress with their schooling.

Are you applying to college Occupational Therapy programs and

need observation hours as part of the application process? 

Are you a high school student in need of volunteer hours

or wanting to learn more about Occupational Therapy? 

We are more than happy to help!