​Early sensory input, especially through tactile stimulation (the sense of touch), is crucial for your baby's development. Infant massage is a wonderful way to provide tactile input as well as other types of sensory stimulation. It allows you to spend quality time with your baby on a daily basis. Infant massage can be performed my moms, dads, grandparents, baby-sitters, and other caregivers!


Some of the many benefits for your baby:
  • reduces gas and colic
  • helps your baby sleep better (deeper and for longer periods of time)
  • increases communication
  • helps strengthen muscles
  • helps your baby learn to relax and decrease high muscle tone (stiffness)
  • aids in regulating your baby's heart rate and respiration
  • increases blood circulation
  • enables your baby to form a secure attachment

Some of the many benefits for parents/caregivers: 
  • increases your ability to recognize and respond to your baby's cues
  • increases communication and emotional bonding
  • helps you to relax and relieve stress
  • gives you quality time to spend with your baby
  • increases your confidence in parenting skills

Erin Clemens has been a Certified Infant Massage Instructor since 2004. She received her certification from Diana Moore, founder of the International Loving Touch Foundation, Inc. (ILTF). The International Loving Touch Foundation supports the vision that infant massage is a parenting enrichment program that cultivates love, compassion, and respect for infants and children through touch.
For more information, please visit the ILTF website:



INFANT MASSAGE GROUP CLASSES meet once a week for 4 weeks.  Each class lasts approximately 60-75 minutes.  Not only will you learn how to massage your baby from head to toe, you will learn about other topics as well:

  • ​the history, theory and practice of infant massage
  • relaxation techniques
  • how to recognize your baby's cues
  • how to deal with special needs such as gas, constipation, teething, and colic
  • and much more!

Classes are very informal, and you are encouraged to bring up any topic you wish to discuss with other parents for ideas, opinions, feedback, and suggestions. Don't worry if your baby is fussy or sleeping- the classes are meant to show you the proper massage techniques so you can go home and use the massage strokes at a more convenient time for you and your baby. Each week you will learn how to massage 1-2 body parts, and each week we review what was learned in previous classes. New classes begin each month! THERE ARE NO CLASSES CURRENTLY SCHEDULED.  CHECK BACK FOR FUTURE LISTINGS.

Classes are customized to meet your baby's needs, so let Erin know in advance if your baby has any special considerations such as the following: prematurity; high or low muscle tone; Down syndrome; sensory regulation issues; vision impairments; hearing impairments; feeding issues; history of abuse and/or neglect; autism; cerebral palsy; developmental delays; cleft lip and palate; prenatal drug exposure; etc. This will be beneficial to know so the massage experience can be tailored to your baby's needs. All special considerations/health problems will be strictly confidential.

​*NEW* If you are unable to attend the scheduled classes, there is now an option to host your own class in your home (or other location of your choice) at a time that is convenient for you! Just get together at least 3 of your friends with babies and contact Erin to set up a personal massage class! Contact Erin for more details.

Things to remember for the massage classes:
  • Please dress your baby in clothing that is easily removable
  • Bring a blanket for your baby to lie on
  • Bring a pillow for you to sit on if you wish (there are mats/carpets to sit on), as we will be sitting on the floor for the massage class
  • Bring anything you may need for your baby (i.e. diapers, bottles, toys, etc.)

Do you need more massage oil?
Have you already taken the infant massage class and are running low on massage oil? Erin has extra bottles of grapeseed massage oil for $3.00 per bottle. Contact Erin to buy more!

This is a GREAT time to learn baby massage! Sign up for the class BEFORE you have your baby so you will be well-equipped to begin massage as early as possible! The sooner you can begin massage on your infant, the sooner you will see the benefits! Just bring a doll to class (or borrow a friend's baby!). There are extra dolls available if you do not have one.